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We are excited today to announce a new program that will greet all new affiliates. Our new SMART START program replaces the Class Cash program, effective immediately, and works like this:
Upon registering as a new SFI affiliate, your new PSAs will see a single webpage that officially welcomes them to SFI and lets them know that they’ve just received 25 free Rewardicals.

Next, it allows them to choose a team of 12 CSAs from a list of recently-joined affiliates. Yes, your brand new affiliates can start their SFI adventure with an instant team of hand-picked CSAs!

Note: We’re also putting a special exemption in place here. That is, recipients of these new CSAs will lock them in through the end of the following month. In other words, even if the affiliate joins on the last day of the month, they’ll have an entire (subsequent) month before they would forfeit the CSAs they’ve received if not at the rank of EA by then.

But that’s just the beginning of what we think is a very powerful new w…

The Natural Automatic Dish washing Gel - Quart (91)

Imagine an effective, inexpensive automatic dish-washing detergent that is safe for your family and your environment. This all natural formula is made entirely of earth-replenishing minerals and plant based ingredients which biodegrade.
What does this all mean? It is safe for your family and our environment. The Natural Automatic Dish-washing Gel is the best choice for your dishes. It dissolves rapidly, cleans thoroughly and is free-rinsing in all brands of automatic dishwashers.
The Natural Automatic Dish-washing Gel is up to five times more concentrated than many other dish-washing detergents while removing dried on foods as well as tough stains.


This product is up to five times more concentrated than many other dishwashing detergents. Start by added 1 tablespoon per dishwasher dispensing cup using more or less cleaner to suit personal needs.


Sodium Citrate, Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Borate, Surfactant Blend


* Non-toxic.
* All…

Do you want to start your own online store?

Do you want to start your own online store? We know that building an online store can be a terrifying thought especially when you are not a techy. Well, you’re not alone. The biggest mistake most users make is not choosing the right platform for their online store.

Selling online can be a rewarding experience that allows you to express yourself and your entrepreneurial spirit. More importantly, it can be the way to start a new business or grow an existing one. If you're ready to get started, these six steps can help keep you on the right track to success.

Thankfully you’re here, so you won’t be making that mistake.The world is changing by internet revolution. E-commerce is on the road to change everyone's shopping behavior and become the main stream in foreseeable future retail business. Whether you are looking for a webshop as your main selling channel or as a secondary/subsidiary selling channel in addition to your physical shop, Webshop Go Go is always your best partner to bu…

Be One Of Us!

Interested in earning supplemental income? Now in our 20th year, the SFI Affiliate program helps Zing Network members earn extra income via Pricebenders Auctions, TripleClicks, Eager Zebra Games, and more! No experience necessary. Full training and marketing aids provided at no cost. Join free with no obligation and no purchase or sales quota requirements.

We provide the professional Websites for marketing products on the Internet, as well as all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment -- all at no cost to the affiliate. For each sale generated, Affiliates receive a nice commission. Additional profits can be earned by building and leading affiliate groups.

Register NOW for free, and start your own SFI marketing business right on the spot. Just click Delete Boss. 

How Tall Is The SFI Mountain For Newbies And Movers?

No Mountain Is Impossible To Climb. Thousands have made it to the summit of Mount McKinley in Alaska, 29,320 feet. the tallest mountain in North America. Be it Mt. McKinley or the SFI Mountain to reach the top ranks takes serious training, preparation, and planning. Scaling the SFI Mountain won't be nearly as difficult as climbing Mount McKinley, but some things are similar.

You will still need mentors who will guide you along your path. that's The Forum, your sponsors, and Up-Line. At the Forum you will get many veteran climbers to mentor you to the top, and there is also a multitude of recent new members who also willing and ready to serve, help, inform, guide, or direct you. Some newbies and even some members who have been  around for some time are hesitant to ask for help. Remember, the only stupid question you could ever ask, is the one you don't.

SFI knows that you need a top notch training regimen to follow, so Gery has furnished at no cost, The LAUNCHPAD Lessons. Rea…

Your Safety Should Be Your Primary Concern.

As crime rates continue to climb, carrying around nonlethal yet effective personal safety devices may be beneficial to you in the unfortunate event of an attack. Times have changed and now we need to protect ourselves more than ever before. There are various ways of defending yourself. Some include taking self-defense martial arts lessons, or other self-defense combat training. 

However, the easiest and most convenient way is to carry with you a nonlethal personal safety device. The key to these devices is proper and effective use of them as a means of self-defense. The following is a list of the top three types of safety devices available to the public for use.

Let me introduce to you Mr. Amin Behboud - The owner of A&L Company. Who have been in online selling for 7-year.I would like to share the story behind of his business with you. Everything started when his house was burglarized and he lost a lot but he did not get enough support and protection from the police department ,Whe…

I really believe in BIG PICTURE THINKING and You?

Our mindset really is important. Now, before we go another word, let me say that I don't buy the concept that "if you believe it you can achieve it." Why? because I think I can fly and I keep landing on my face!

However, I do believe in trying to be positive, and I really believe in BIG PICTURE THINKING. Big picture thinking understands that you don't sign up this month and retire next month! Big picture thinking looks down the time tunnel and understands that a project takes time, and allows the mind to stay relaxed when things don't happen fast.

Big Picture Clock

Set some time aside each day that is BIG PICTURE TIME! You decide how much, but an hour is not a bad idea. Step back mentally from your business and see it come together down the road. What does it look like in 6 months, 12 months, 48 months, 60 months?

If you take in the whole mountain vista, it doesn't seem so bad as you try to climb the boulders that present obstacles. That Big Picture image in your…