Whoa! Working From Home Gives Health Benefits Too With Money.

People who work from home have an easier time eating healthy and striking a manageable work-life balance. Eating healthier and having more time to spend with your family can help you feel less stressed, which will make for a happier more productive workday. A study found that employees who worked from home experienced 25 percent less stress. Employees also reported that they were able to maintain a better work-life balance, as well as eat healthier.

“It’s much easier to keep a healthy diet while eating at home. You save a lot of stressful hours that would have been spent commuting. You can construct a comfortable work environment for yourself. Spend more time with family.”

It’s a common answer when you ask people why they like to work from home. Most will respond that their flexible work environment relieves the amount of stress in their lives and gives them a healthier work-life balance. Today, our offices are constantly on, it isn't the same as it was decades ago, when you left t…

Avoid A Dirty Scene, Keep Your Bathroom Clean. It Aim To Please….You Aim Too Please…!!

The miracle of modern science. Of course its your toilet bowl. And of course, when you see your brother in the toilet bowl...there's a little voice that say, 'I wonder where he would go...'...if it hadn't been for his head...”

There probably was a time when the idea of having a toilet inside a house was repulsive. The trail of lime trees outside our building is still a public loo. …where else are they supposed to go to the toilet in a city where public toilets are about as common as UFO sightings.

For breakfast to be called ‘in bed’ instead of ‘on top of a bed,’ the house in which it is about to be eaten has to have at least two rooms (excluding the kitchen); (at least) three, if it has a bathroom. The human body is designed in accordance with the laws of nature. The British left behind their potty which goes against these laws. It induces constipation, causes fecal stagnation, enlarges the prostate, leads to infection and weakens the muscles of the lower body.

The toilet…

How To Spend More Time With Kids? And Why It's So Important?

Kids are the kings. Spending quality time with kids deepens relationships, creates memories, and makes them feel important and loved. The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences. Eating meals together, talking about the events of the day, sharing joys and defeats, doing household chores together and spending some evenings popping corn and watching movies are examples of shared activities. Some families even schedule one evening every week for special family activities.

How much time should families spend together? That varies from family to family. Families with young children usually spend the most time together because young children need a great deal of physical care and guidance. Families with teenagers may spend less time together because teens naturally want to spend more time with their friends. Single parents need a break from their children and may need more opportunity to enjoy the company of other adults.

Healthy families keep a…

Are you looking for some treasure? Yes you are capable for making it.

A couple from Staten Island, New York, thought a piece of rusty metal behind some trees in their backyard was an electrical box. It turned out to be a safe filled with $52,000 (£38,581) in cash, gold and diamonds. Buried treasure worth $52,000 found in Staten Island, NY. Matthew and Maria Colonna Emanuel assumed the rusting hulk of metal jutting out beneath some trees was a cable box. Inside was an address. This is about what Good Samaritans in NYC do.

Are you looking for some treasure? Are you saying, ''Why can’t this be mine?Yes you are capable for making it. A lot of people are worried they don't have the skills necessary to work online. It's commonplace for us to doubt our skills and abilities. If you didn't, you'd probably already have a booming online business. But, the fact of the matter is, you do have skills. You have skills that are in demand. And now we all have that chance with SFI. For some success has already begun and for others not as yet. You ju…

Guys! Are you ready for Flu Season?

Do you know nearly 200,000 people are hospitalized with The Flu each year. And do you also know what is the best way to fight the Flu? Look at this pictograph from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) shows the state of the Flu virus as of November 2014. You will note that the most affected regions are in the south. Most people associate the flu with cold weather, but here it is with a highest presence in Puerto Rico and Louisiana.

Here is another map showing what the flu was doing in December of 2013. Again note that the southern states are the most affected so far. February is historically the height of the flu season but you can see it moving across the country.

How do we protect ourselves from getting the flu?
Many countries have flu vaccines that help but the best thing you can do, especially if a vaccine is not available is to Build up your Immune System. This will protect you from all kinds of afflictions. The main foods that build up your immune system are green cruciferous veget…

Do You Smoke? Just See What You Have Ended In Smoke.

The average smoker in America buys 1-2 packs a day and pays an average price of $7 per pack. Let's take a look at what cutting that one bad habit like I did a few years back can do for your ability to invest in your business.

1 pack a day habit at $7 a pack is $49 a week and $310-$317 a month. It is $2,565 a year which would be able to go into your business because it is disposable income. Disposable because you already spend it on something you don't really need.

Many are 2 pack a day smokers so $98 a week, $62-$634 a month, and $5130 a year in income up in smoke. Many more fall in between the two major levels. $2565 through some of our better vendors could buy 1500 to 2500 new PSA a year. If just 2 percent become and stay active and achieve a minimum EA every month you would have between 30-50 new income generating PSA.

Follow the 5x5 structure of the Opti Build program or manually follow the list and you could personally recruit your first 2 levels of active PSA in one year a…

Dubai Mall is a the largest mall in the world offline and what you know about online?

The Dubai Mall is a shopping mall in Dubai and the largest mall in the world by total area. It is the 21st largest shopping mall in the world by gross leasable area. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is part of the 20-billion-dollar Downtown complex, and includes 1,200 shops.

At over 12 million square feet (equivalent in size to more than 50 soccer fields), the Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world based on total area but about the same size as the West Edmonton Mall if based on leasable space. Read more here.

That is about shopping from store but all we love online shopping. Here are an endless list of E- Commerce websites that sells online and ships worldwide. All these sites offers heavy discounts and sales too. But here is nothing in these sites that can match them with a shopping mall.Surfing online I found Rewardical Store This is what I consider as Online Shopping Mall. You can shop at and earn Rewardicals to be used in many ways. SFI has a …